defdeveu courses

Main features

Main features of the private defdev trainings:
  • We care about the impact of our trainings. We develop our materials, exercises, the structure and the delivery technique of our trainers continuously.
  • The structure of the trainings is such that according to our experience with the actual students we may correct the depth of delivery of certain topics on-the-fly and tune the ways of practicing. Like whether the details of implementation or the design are more important.
  • We distinguish three tracks in our courses: secure coding, secure design and security testing.
  • We do advanced and proficiency level courses. For dev professionals of senior and mid level, team leaders, security champions, architects and security engineers. Though we try to remain comprehensible and useful for any person interested in the development process.
  • We minimize lectures, we minimize the stuff developers forget by the second week. We do many demos and make students learn the material by hand with hacking and fixing codes and performing DIY exercises.
  • The delivery of an individual topic is mostly started off the practical introduction of the related issues where possible, so we try to keep the practice-theory-practice approach, when students first get the feel of the problem and then we turn to the lecturing part.
  • Intensive, performance-oriented 2-3 days is the format we prefer.
  • We deliver the courses differently depending on the size of the audience. Small trainings are mostly done by a solo trainer, the medium ones by a duo of trainers, and the larger ones with additional assisting trainers.