defdeveu courses

Days and kits

By default the duration of a course is 2 days, 12 hours education time in the standard case.
But it also can take 3 days depending on the demands, the preferences regarding the coverage or the depth and also the options requested. An actual course can consist of the main blocks only (A-E), or it can be extended with extras, on-demand add-on blocks (K-...).
The general content kits are:

2 days, broad coverage

We deliver all the topics in the agenda with reasonable amount of exercises. We go in-depth into a few topics the audience is interested the most.

2 days, in-depth selected topics

We assume the basic knowledge of the most of the topics, we go in-depth into discussion and practicing of a number of topics agreed beforehand or selected on-the-fly.

3 days, both depth and scope

We deliver all the topics in agenda in-depth and walking through all the exercises.

3 days, assisted code-review

A custom mixture of scope and depth in topics plus a day or a half of assisted code-review lab.