About the course


title: Secure development in C/C++
audience: senior/medior developers, lead devs, testers and security champions
duration: 1 or 2 days (7 or 12 hrs education time), depending on the actual kit of topics applicable/required (see Agenda below)
developed by: Marek Zachara


We assume that the developers attending the secdev course:
    are familiar with the C/C++ language, can compile and execute the programs
    specific focus of the course (see below) may result in additional prerequisites


Due to the variety of applications, ranging from embedded to large scale deployments, real-time and critical systems that are built in C/C++, we recommend to tailor the training for the specific needs of the particular development team.
The list of modules below illustrate the scope to choose from, however the exact scope and detail level is pre-arranged to suit the specific needs of the attendees.

A. Principles and practice of secdev

    Defense in depth principles
    Standards and practices
    Various types of weaknesses and vulnerabilities

B. Secure architecture

    Threat modeling
    Risk assessment
    Security by design

C. Buffer overflows

    Stack overflows
    Heap overflows
    String formatting issues
    Array and string indexing

D. Value overflows

    Integer overflows
    Float limitations
    Type casts

E. Safe data handling

    Secure memory handling
    Safe pointers
    Removal of sensitive data

F. Input validation

    Common errors
    Unsafe type casts and conversions
    Regular expressions
    Validation practices

G. Introduction to cryptography

    Symmetric and asymmetric encryption
    Communication encryption
    Storage encryption
    Password handling

H. Multithreading

    Deadlocks, starvation, etc.
    Race conditions
    Accessing external resources

I. Analysis of the source code

    Automated analysis with existing tools
    Code review

J. Integrations with external programs

    Safe and unsafe APIs
    Secure libraries
    Module isolation, wrappers, etc.


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