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About the course

Work in progress




title: Android security design and secure coding

audience: XOX

duration: 1 XL day (7hrs education time)

developed by: Zsombor Kovács


We assume that the developers attending the Android secdev course:

  • are familiar with with the mobile apps development process and technologies

  • have a suitable IDE installed on their laptop (labs desktop)

    • Android Studio installed and configured

    • Genymotion emulator installed and configured



  • 'Into the middle of things' demo: "Bugs and flaws in your app help bad guys"

  • Security mechanisms in Android

Application Design

  • Common design patterns

  • Architecture of and Android app

  • Secure API design

  • Designing a reasonable communication flow

  • Hands-on: the manifest.xml

Secure data storage

  • Storage locations, which one to use?

  • Different formats (sqlite, xml, prefs file etc.) and security implications

  • Threats to stored data (backups, data leak etc.)

  • Logging

  • Hands-on: Exploiting weak data storage methods

Network security

  • Designing and implementing a secure communication flow

  • Hands-on: SSL cert pinning implementation and bypass

Inter-process communication

  • Securing activities

  • Securing content providers

  • Securing broadcast listeners

  • Hands-on: typical IPC issues

Secure crypto implementation

  • Libraries

  • Hands-on: extraction of hard coded crypto material

Secure implementation in

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Non-native/hybrid app development: Flutter, React, etc.

Tampering detection

  • Rooting, implications of running on a rooted device

  • Hands-on: dynamic hooking exercise

  • Hands-on: bypassing root detection in several ways